Common Services

Northeast Laser Toner and Copier Services provides service and maintenance of all brands of printers, copiers, plotters, and more.

Some common services are listed below:


  •   General Repair – Any type of printer repair. You may simply not know what type of repair you need. We do. We will diagnose the issue and get it repaired quicker and more cost effectively than you ever thought possible.


  •   System Cleaning – Laser printers get dirty. No only does this affect print quality (streaks and lines on your prints) but it can also shorten the lifespan of your printer. A thorough cleaning is an important part of owning a printer or copier.


  • Toner Replacement – Toner runs out, and needs to be replaced. Let us do it for you. We can even configure your copier to notify us when your toner gets low. That way we can replace it when you need it, and not after it already has run out.


  •   Maintenance – Copy machines are actually very complicated devices. All kinds of belts, gears, sensors, and other parts need to be maintained. Something as simple as worn gear or a dirty sensor can take down your entire machine. We repair or replace before it becomes an issue.


  •   Fuser Replacement – Did you ever notice that your pages are warm when they come out? That is the fuser in action. It heats up to several hundred degrees to melt the toner onto paper. As you can imagine this puts a lot of stress on the unit and it will wear out one day. We stock hundreds of different fuser models and can have your fuser replaced in just a few minutes.


  • Feed Tire Replacement – These are those little rubber wheels that pull in your paper. After many uses they will stop picking up the paper. If the paper doesn’t get picked up, your copier will not print. We can come in and refurbish or replace the feed tires and have your printer up and running right away.